LAYERS explores the freedom and pain of portraying intimate emotions – what it means to unravel, embrace and ultimately expose our deepest feelings of love, trauma, grief and identity.

A new development of works from Pixie Levinson, it emerges from a year in which she suffered the unexpected passing of her father, before finding love shortly after.

It lays bare the confusion and juxtaposition of these experiences, counterposing vibrant neon colourways with glow-in-the-dark UV paints.

These layers of conflict and contrast bring to life the confusion of extreme emotions and the searing reality of life’s most profound events.

Documenting her budding relationship and journey to self-acceptance, the works invite the viewer to question their own perceptions of love, loss, exposure and emotional attachment.

Combining painting and photography, and inspired by the textures and patterns of the natural world, Pixie has created a fantastical, psychedelic experience – where the paints come alive under different light conditions, each colour of the spectrum illuminating a unique dimension.

Much as our emotions fizzle, falter and spark at times of great vulnerability, the painting of LAYERS will change colour and composition in spectacular, disconcerting and revealing ways.